Patients undergoing a medical treatment plan often have a lot on their mind; the correct interpretation of medical information, remembering appointments with various providers, taking their medication on time and adhering to the rules before an operation. All of this during an often emotional and stressful period. This can be made easier, with MediMapp.

MediMapp unburdens
MediMapp unburdens patients by giving them a handle on their own care pathway. MediMapp provides the right information at the right time. Dosed, so that patients aren’t swamped with information. The app gives patients insight into their personal care pathway, offers care providers a complete overview of the care that has already been offered and makes digital interaction between both parties possible. The best possible care for patients, without additional workload for the care provider? MediMapp makes it possible.

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What can MediMapp do for you?

View the MediMapp animation here.

MediMapp options

MediMapp can be employed in multiple ways. Four variations can be distinguished:

  • MediMapp Care Pathway
  • MediMapp Shared Care
  • MediMapp Portal
  • MediMapp Analytics
MediMapp Care Pathway

MediMapp Care Pathway gives patients insight into their personal care pathway and offers care providers a complete overview of the offered care.

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MediMapp Shared Care

MediMapp Shared Care is an expansion of MediMapp Care Pathway and is predominantly used for care pathways wherein the patient receives care from multiple care providers.

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MediMapp Portal

MediMapp Portal offers a complete solution within which all patients, including those without specific conditions, are given a personal timeline. Herein, portal functionalities are presented in a context-relevant manner.

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MediMapp Analytics

MediMapp provides doctors and care managers with, among other things, reports about processing times and medical and patient results, which are subsequently plotted against care pathways and care-pathway variation.

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Demo MediMapp

View the MediMapp demo here and experience how MediMapp works for the patient yourself. Care providers see MediMapp in their own viewer within their own EHR in HiX or Epic.

A list of the advantages

Information about the care pathway is personalised, dosed, and offered at the right time.

Provides the option of looking forwards or backwards at the entire personal care pathway.

MediMapp is available as an app or via the website at any time, wherever you are.

No extra administrative burden; care providers continue working in their own EHR.

Integration with existing patients portal.

Automatic care-pathway detection.

Makes (transmural) integrated care possible.

Usable as a platform with other e-health applications.

Increased patient satisfaction due to better service provision.

Link with the large EHR systems (Epic and HiX)

Our impact


Patients have access to the MediMapp


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More info about MediMapp?

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