MediMapp Portal

MediMapp Portal integrates MediMapp Care Pathway with the general patient portal of the care institution. All information from the patient portal is available in the MediMapp Portal. The advantage of this is that patients only need to log into one place to gain access to all relevant medical information; both generic information and information that is specific to their care pathway. This means the patient has access to e.g. test results, medical correspondence and his/her medication overview.

MediMapp offers optimal convenience for the patient, as well as a uniform look and feel.

  • One gateway for all your e-Health and portal products
  • Integration with your portal functionalities (including: scheduling appointments, overview of medication and lab results)
  • Saving discrete values (PROMS, questionnaires) to the EPD
  • Basic care pathway (View all care in intuitive MediMapp display)