MediMapp Shared Care

MediMapp Shared Care is an extension of MediMapp Care Pathway and is mainly used for treatment pathways where the patient is receiving care from multiple care providers.

Chain cooperation possible MediMapp makes (transmural) integrated care possible. Does a patient receive care from multiple care providers? In such cases, MediMapp provides insight into the patient’s entire care pathway. This gives different care providers the option of optimally aligning a patient’s care process. Information in MediMapp is always up-to-date due to the real-time link with the EPD.

  • Chain care pathways transparent for patients and professionals
  • Professionals get Shared Care viewer in own EPD to monitor chain care pathway (including overview of appointments and policies of other chain partners)
  • Linking multiple EPDs and/or individual clinical files at the same time
  • Patient uses one app for entire integrated care