Why MediMapp?

Higher patient satisfaction due to better care
Patients are increasingly making use of more than one care provider. Each with their own treatment, medication and information service. As a result, many patients have difficulty to keep a clear overview. MediMapp has the solution for this. MediMapp gathers all information about the care a patient is receiving. In this way, care providers always have a complete overview of the offered care. Patients receive the information about their treatment(s) in small doses and only when it is relevant to them. This allows them to keep a grip on their own care pathway and be better prepared for what is to come. As a result, patients are more able to join in the decision-making process concerning their treatment. This leads to increased trust in the care they are receiving among patients, thus enhancing their loyalty to their treatment.


Better complete overview through unique link with EPD
MediMapp is the only app that is linked with all EPD systems. As a result, the app can display real-time information. On desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Using push notifications, MediMapp reminds patients of standing appointments and necessary actions. At exactly the right time. The results of these actions are subsequently sent to the EPD directly. Without requiring the involvement of a care provider. MediMapp integrates with the systems care institutions already use. MediMapp gets the information from the existing systems. Care providers can continue to work in their own environment and can view MediMapp through a viewer in the EPD. Thus, care providers can continue working in the same way without this leading to more pressure on admin tasks.

Reports for care optimisation
MediMapp provides doctors and care managers with, among other things, reports about processing times and medical and patient results, which are subsequently plotted against care pathways and care-pathway variation. This allows care providers to analyse and improve the entire chain of their care processes in real time. In alignment with the concept of value-based healthcare, patient results are used to make the added value of the care they are receiving comprehensible for patients. Additionally, deviations from the plan can be signalled in real time to prevent patients from not receiving the agreed-upon care. All this leads to care optimisation.

Integrated cooperation is possible
MediMapp makes (transmural) integrated care possible. Does a patient receive care from multiple care providers? In such cases, MediMapp provides insight into the patient’s entire care pathway. This gives care providers the option of optimally aligning a patient’s care process. Information in the app is always up to date.